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Brand strategy development

We are specialists in luxury brand strategy, brand creation and development for companies of all sizes. To do proper justice to these briefs – either for new luxury brands or repositioning existing brands - we start from a strategic understanding of the business, customer, competitive context and culture. This results in actionable insightful brand strategy and creative direction. 

Meaning and purpose

This part of our work has become more important, especially since Covid. Exclusivity is still important. A sense of ‘community’ has always been strong and people - more than ever – want to belong. They want to share/show off/reassure themselves throughout the various life stages with brands that reflect their values and interests.
But the very idea of luxury as it exists in the general cultural imagination today has been abused to such an extent as to become virtually meaningless. Our role is to create meaning and purpose at the strategy stage.

Two approaches:

The overall prize is to make brands count for more. Our starting point for strategy – either for new luxury brands or repositioning existing brands – is to gain a strategic understanding of the business, customer, competitive context and culture. We have two alternative options. 

Your options

Option 1: Fast Track.
This is a desk-based approach.

Option 2: Insight Driven.
A more in-depth approach which involves gaining valuable company and customer insight as efficiently and effectively as possible thus avoiding any ‘echo chamber’ factor of internal-only strategic development. This option makes full use of our combined experience, instinct and judgement.

Our 'Brand Pillar Framework'

This Framework defines the brand, its meaning, purpose, proposition, tone, key messaging and creative direction. Luxury brands need to lead with meaning. Because, in luxury, the gap between the functional value of a product and the symbolic value of a brand is the greatest in comparison to any other market category.

Why this framework is important

Brands need to achieve greater distinctiveness and clarity on purpose and proposition. This helps develop outputs that will be more accurate, powerful and ultimately more commercially successful for clients.
Brands must be more relevant, more valued, and justify themselves selling at higher price points. Brand names, logos, visual identity and deeper brand development issues must sell something for people to talk about – why would people be interested otherwise.
Status or heritage is not enough. Uniqueness, quality and narrative power are far more important.

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