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Our services for luxury brands include copywriting brand narratives, luxury coffee table books, brochures, labels, endlines/taglines, packaging, messaging, conceptual thinking and sales and investor material.

From short flyers, to trade stand material, from micro sales leaflets to super-sized luxury coffee table books, we cover them all and in B2C and B2B markets.

Coffee table books have become powerful communications tools in the luxury marketing toolbox, and we have many years’ experience copywriting, designing, producing and printing luxury custom books. We manage the whole process all underlined by an insistence on absolute quality. Our service offers expert craftmanship, fine design detail, visual impact, and a respect for narrative, history, and culture.  We deliver an exceptional reading, or social display experience, that is unlike any other.


These are a written expression, in long form, of the brand’s story - its purpose and promise - to underpin all future development. An evocative, easily understandable summary designed to excite and inspire. Can be fully designed to be part of brand guidelines or a brand book or simply delivered as a word document to be incorporated into trade materials, press releases, website copy etc

Creative direction, conceptual thinking, messaging

All our design work includes creative direction. For certain, usually smaller projects, our own strategic thoughtfulness is needed. We shape, give context and identify the right creatively strategic path to take. It results in stronger communications hierarchy and more powerful messaging.


Writing food and drinks labels is a specific skill: evocative, descriptive, sometimes technical, they communicate the brand story, and design, in limited space. We have written for tea, beer and wine labels.


As with labels, economy and practicality is essential. We write with an understanding of on shelf positioning on shelf – or the in-home opening experience - and messaging hierarchy.

or tagline

Endlines can succinctly summarise a brand proposition and its benefits. For new brands in new markets they are particularly useful as, when combined with the logo, they can also communicate personality and positioning. It’s a skilled job - they have to summarise the essence of a brand strategy in one short sharp sentence.


We understand how to present a business case to a financial services audience. Engaging the heart as well as the head, we create inspiring, compelling, narratives that position a brand with the right ‘buy’ cues. Our service includes copywriting, art direction and visually impactful design for online and off presentation.


From short flyers, to trade stand material, from sales leaflets to hefty luxury coffee table books, we cover them all. In both B2C and B2B markets. We manage the whole process including writing, design, print and production – all underlined by an insistence on absolute quality .


We can help write long-form copy for use on media including branded print, digital and social. We also construct content plans for which we can either write copy ourselves or source and manage specialist writers.

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