The words you don't need

Rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic; have your cake and eat it; stick to one’s guns; above my pay grade; punch above one’s weight; roll with the punches; come apart at the seams; hit the nail on the head; rub shoulders wit; in the DNA of;, a gold mine; lap of luxury; off the charts; takes two to tango; no holds barred; silver lining; inner demons; skin in the game; game changer; change agent; sweet spot; tipping point; playbook; singing from the same sheet; straight out of central casting; retail’s detail; can of worms; cash cow; rabbit hole;  tool kit; the tip of the iceberg; the light at the end of the tunnel; writing’s on the wall; double down; jump-start; behind the curve; swim against the tide; level playing field; open the floodgates; think outside the box; the edge of the envelope; pull out all the stops; take the foot off the pedal; full steam ahead;  pass with flying colours; move the goal posts; add fuel to the fire; under the radar; grow by leaps and bounds; only time will tell; between a rock and a hard place; gig; rock star; heavy hitter; doing the heavy lifting; laser-focused; piece of cake; bread and butter; cherry-pick, low-hanging fruit; kick-start; a feather in the cap; long in the toot;  pull the plug on; sweep under the carpet; lead the pack; the short end of the stick; at the drop of a hat; jury is still out; what goes around comes around; literally; zeitgeist; mantra; optics; granular; interrogate; paradigm...

The words you do

Anew the London- based luxury branding agency who understands the language of luxury.

We've helped companies – such as Bombardier, Universal Music, Hatch Mansfield and Boodles - increase brand profitability through sharper insights, distinctive propositions, creative ideas, new brand names, market research and faultless execution.

We are particularly adept at working directly with luxury brands, business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs who are committed to sustainability, outstanding quality and craft.

And some words we do like:

Luxury brand content creation

Luxury brand strategy development  

Luxury copywriting

Luxury website design

Coffee table book design

Brand name generation  

New brand name creation

Market research

Bespoke book making 


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