Creating a new ‘disruptor’ wine brand for the European market

Leading Dutch wine maker owner Derrick Neleman saw a gap for a new brand targeted at younger drinkers in this growing, sector of the market. He wanted to create a different, more accessible, wine brand. We therefore developed:

  • A ‘difference’ proposition that spoke directly to younger experience-seeking consumers desiring talk value and connection: that everyone is unique and every drinking moment is different.
  • An offer not based on the traditional stories of vineyards, provenance and history – but one based on attitude, visual impact and story.
  • A brand narrative based on the idea that if everyone, and every drinking occasion is different – so can every label design.
  • An innovative label, using the latest technology, branded with a multi-layered/dimensional letter ‘D’ (for Derrick) with infinite variations in pattern; so every label is unique.