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The second in a series where we shine a light on specific articles of interest on the luxury world (see our first on luxury yachts here). We link to other published reflections and observations on luxury.

Luxury watch repairs are a particularly unglamorous side of the watch business.

So, here we applaud the New York Times’ article on the work and service of the Luxury Watch Repairs company.

It was published in the print edition on 7 September '22 under the headline “Putting the Luxury Into Watch Repairs.”

It’s a great lesson in adding brand value to an area of a market that has been very low-key to date.

Image credit: Wikimedia 

As Oliver Pollock, founder, says: “Repairs and servicing is not the sexy side of the industry. The glitz, the glamour, is all on the purchasing side of things. But there’s a lot of pleasure in having been trusted with such sentimental watches on a daily basis.”

We learn about how they make a potentially boring customers experiences as “pleasant as possible.”

We learn about how the mended watches are returned in thoughtful exquisite packages.

We learn about their attention to detail.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons 

The article is here

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