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In which we offer earlier Anew thoughts and insights on luxury brand marketing to create something new and eco-friendly.

In its small way, a sustainable blogging first.

Chopped up, remixed, and re-looped pieces of earlier prose which still make sense - and makes the world a better place.

So, if you are confused and bewildered by the direction of luxury brand marketing strategy, creative ideas and consumer behaviour.

If you think your consumer qualitative market research is not shedding as much light as it could.

And the copywriting and messaging about your brand could be sharper.

If you have enough trouble with the real verse never mind the metaverse.

And you wonder why nobody wanted to talk more about your last luxury brand strategy presentation.

And the board is concerned about your luxury brand’s latest website design, art direction and imagery.

If you think the world you once knew has been forgotten. Or moved. Or, most likely, was never there in the first place...

This blog is for you.

We will remind you of the old truths – which are still as valid now as they were a few years ago.

12 old luxury brand truths

Meaning: Luxury, with all the aspiration, ambivalence, and envy people feel for it - isn’t just a bug of society. It’s a feature, fundamental to what makes us human.

Survival: the background of luxury is extraordinary. Debate over its very existence has, troubled religion, politics, and the law, for time immemorial: matters of moral corruption, sin, lack of control, excess to name but a few. All that, BUT balanced with The Good Things: beauty, design, innovation, the world’s best craftsmen, authenticity, and entrepreneurial courage. And always success. Luxury has never failed whatever disease, war, depression or unrest has been flung at it. Recession proof, it will see off recession and economic downturn.

Desire: Luxury marketing should tap into the innate desire we all have to believe in something real. For craftspeople, the real enemy is homogenisation. When everything is like everything else there is no space for difference and no space for beauty.

Price: Luxury brands offer products which belong to the most expensive products of their category.

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Quality: Luxury brands offer everlasting excellence in top-of-the-line products.

Aesthetics: Whenever and wherever luxury brands are seen, they embody a world of beauty and elegance.

Rarity: In contrast to mass-market brands, many luxury brands limit their production. They are not available at all times or all places.

Extraordinariness: Luxury brands have personality and style of their own and products offer surprise with an "expected unexpected."

Symbolism: Luxury brands stand for "the best " - regardless of whether they are conspicuous or understated, they are deeply proud of heritage, story, craftsmanship and provenance.

Responsibility: Material choices consumers make are no longer trivial. They are now amongst the most important choices we make. They have consequences well beyond our own selves — they have global consequences.



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Making luxury products: distilling, maturing, lathing, sketching, hammering, colouring, sewing, finishing, enamelling, smelling, touching, moulding, soldering. From fabrics to leather, wine to jewellery, fashion to accessories…not an AI algorithm in sight.

Humility: Everybody is time poor. Everybody is worried. Everybody wants a way out. To be reassured. What has your brand got to offer? What is your brand truth? Does it address a human need? Right now, it is a privilege for a brand to be able to gain someone's attention and time.

We understand the old and the new truths about luxury brands

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