Local lockdowns, and post holiday quarantines.

We’re not seeing so many people.

Communication with some has increasingly become a stream of images with fewer and fewer words in between.

So, a good time and reason for a picture essay on luxury brand craftsmanship:


Richard Bolle for Rolls Royce


Italy | The making of Murano glass

Ettinger: Behind the Brand | Craftsmanship 5 September 2019

Audemars Piguet | Proud Partner of Art Basel

The Macallan


Rolls Royce | Bespoke 



Savoir Beds | Perfection cannot be hurried


Bentley Motors | A century of unrivalled craftsmanship

In the footsteps of Veuve Clicquot

For a world in which we are all coming to terms with the fact that our assumptions and expectations in life might be changing, that growth and consumption might not go on for ever, that hard work might not pay off and that we might not have more than our parents.

Luxury should tap into the innate desire we all have to believe in something real.

For craftspeople, the real enemy is homogenisation. When everything is like everything else there is no space for difference and no space for beauty.


Let’s leave the final word to McKinsey:

“Right now, marketers must communicate a strong sense of their brands’ purpose—a cause that the brand stands up for, or an area where the brand aims to make a real difference.

Brands can do this through the projects they choose to be involved in, the partners they choose to work with, the way they treat their employees, and the messages they send to customers.”


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