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Last week, the phrase ‘Brand Bible’ came up.

It set us thinking, again, about language and jargon.

And how medieval priests, who conducted services in Latin rather than the local language, added to the mystical holy, nature, of the process. Brand mystique indeed.

How the business world is frequently guilty of using overblown language when the actual point is singularly straightforward.

A carpet is a carpet. Not a floor-covering solution.

DNA is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. But no Many companies claim ‘perfect customer service is in our DNA’.

How the business world frequently has nothing significant to say but uses long words and obscure phrases to say it. To be fair, it’s a skill saying ‘selling more stuff at less cost’.

But Brand Bible is none of these things – it’s an evocative image that elevates and ennobles this one aspect of brand marketing.

Using ‘Bible’ says it is a set of rules or a sacred book. It contains the essential 'truths of your brand. It’s the comprehensive guide to everything there is to know not just about your brand but also about your company and your culture.  When done properly, it provides a clear roadmap to what the company does and doesn’t do.

Brand Roadmap

It might feature:

  • Vision/ Your reason for Being - the “Why” of your company
  • Mission - your 2–3 year plan for how you’re going to move that vision forward.
  • Strategy - your overall plan for the next 12–18 months.
  • Brand Pyramid - a pyramid that illustrates everything from your brand / product functionality (at the very bottom) to what the very essence of your brand is (at the very top).
  • Brand Proposition – the one single-minded quality you stand for.
  • Brand Persona - what kind of personality the brand has.
  • Brand Tone of Voice - the tone of how one communicates externally and internally to customers, partners or prospective employees
  • Brand Values - what you stand for

At Anew we call this a Brand Circle Framework; it's the the output of insights gained from a  carefully planned period of immersion with our clients, their customers – and often their customers gatekeepers.

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The Brand Bible lays the foundation for your brand, your values, your culture and the big “Why” which should inspire employees, partners and customers. It’s the starting point and foundation for your company.

A message from on high. It is indeed that important. That’s the brilliance of ‘Bible’.

Here are some words and phrases we use every day that also work:

  • Brand strategy development
  • Luxury brand strategy
  • Brand profitability
  • Sharper insights
  • Quantitative market research
  • Qualitative market research
  • Luxury brand development
  • Distinctive messaging
  • Creative ideas and content
  • Creative solutions
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • UX
  • Luxury website design
  • Brand naming
  • Marketing strategy

Jargon maybe to some, but to us, and our clients, valuable work indeed.

Not a synergy, or paradigm there.

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